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Red Light Therapy: The Benefits and How It Works

Red Light Therapy, also known as phot biomodulation, is a form of therapy that uses red and near-infrared light wavelengths to stimulate healing, reduce inflammation, and provide a range of other benefits for the body and mind. This therapy has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its effectiveness and non-invasive nature. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits, how it works and different types of Red Light Therapy.


Red Light Therapy has been around for over 40 years but only recently became a popular form of therapy for a wide range of conditions. This therapy uses red and near-infrared light to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes, leading to a range of benefits.

How Red Light Therapy Works

It works by delivering specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light to the skin and tissues. The light is absorbed by the cells, which then triggers a series of reactions in the body. These reactions include the release of nitric oxide, which increases blood flow to the treated area, and the production of collagen and elastin, which help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Benefits for the body and mind, including:

Physical Benefits:

  • Pain Relief: It’s effective in reducing pain caused by conditions such as arthritis and back pain and TMJ Headaches.
  • Skin Rejuvenation: The therapy can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.
  • Muscle Recovery: The treatment can help to reduce inflammation and speed up the recovery process after exercise.
  • Wound Healing: Demonstrated to be effective in promoting wound healing by stimulating cellular activity and increasing blood flow to the affected area.

Mental Benefits:

  • Improved Mood: It helps improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression.
  • Reduced Anxiety: Can help to reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress.
  • Better Sleep: Therapy can help to improve sleep quality and reduce insomnia.

Different Types of Red Light Therapy

There are various types of therapies available, including full-body and targeted treatments. Full-body treatments is done using a bed or booth, while targeted treatments are done using handheld devices. Some common devices used in therapy include lamps, panels, and pads.

Potential side effect

Potential side effect is eye damage which can occur if the eyes are exposed to the light without proper eye protection. It’s important to always wear eye protection during treatments to prevent damage to the eyes.

Another potential side effect is skin irritation. This can occur if the skin is sensitive or if the light intensity is too high. To prevent skin irritation, it’s important to start with a lower intensity and gradually increase as tolerated.

In rare cases, some individuals may experience headaches, dizziness, or nausea after treatment. If these symptoms occur, it’s important to stop the treatment and consult a doctor.

Finally, The treatment should be avoided by pregnant women, individuals with photosensitivity, and those taking certain medications. It’s important to consult a doctor before undergoing Therapy if you fall into any of these categories.

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